The launch of our designer decorated model homes was very successful, and to celebrate this landmark for the Treetops community we’ve decided to treat you to a little surprise. Today we have for you an exclusive interview with our model home interior designers, Eve Marshall for Brookfield Homes and Gabrielle Eckhardt for Orchard Ridges Homes, the ladies behind the beautiful décor of Treetops.

Please tell us a bit about yourself/your background. 

Eve: I’ve been working with numerous new home builders for the last 20 years, so I have done a lot of sales offices and model homes. You get the feeling for your clients’ needs and the demographics, and you work with that to develop the feeling that the potential homeowner will get when they see the home — basically you want to develop a warm cozy feeling in each and every home!

Gabrielle: Although I graduated from Queen's University, my passion for design won me over and I've had my company M I D for about 22 years. Orchard Ridge has been a client of mine since 2001 with their community, Princeton Meadows. Every project of theirs is my favourite!

 What makes this project stand out? 

E: I wanted to make sure that everything is there in the home — that the homeowner doesn’t need to leave home for any reason, and that when they come home from work they feel that they belong and that everything they need and want is waiting for them. That’s what made this project stand out in my mind. Also, I really love to design kids’ rooms and that’s something that I was able to focus on for Treetops.

G: Ironically, I had decorated two model homes for a project many years ago in Alliston called Briar Hill, so I was thrilled to be able to continue the legacy of strong communities built around the incredible amenities offered at the Nottawasaga Resort.

How did you decide on specific features and finishes? 

E: I tried to stay true to a classic style, I didn’t go out and do anything crazy, I just wanted to make it so that the home would appeal to people in a very classic manner.

G: The architectural layouts of the model homes were a gift, especially The River Maple. What a house! Open concept, yet beautifully defined spaces, large bedrooms — no smoke and mirrors necessary. I wanted the models to be distinct, and opposite. One warm and one cool. One light and one dark. 

What was your inspiration? 

E: I visited the next door Nottawasaga Resort and felt very inspired by their concept of offering something for every member of the family. With this inspiration in mind I knew I wanted to create a family-friendly home. Like I said before, I really like to design kids’ rooms, so I kept family first when I was coming up with the design concepts and that was my focus.

G: I fell in love with a wall colour at Restoration Hardware. I didn't want to leave. It felt sumptuous, yet fresh and elegant, and it wasn't beige! It would differentiate the model and I hoped other people wouldn't want to leave the space either. I found the cog mirrors and a love affair began. I like my model homes to be differentiated; a colour, or piece of artwork becomes the “tag” for the home, so that after potential homebuyers tour multiple model homes in an afternoon, they will still distinctly remember the unique models at Treetops.

How were the architectural details of the home utilized in your design? 

E: In the Chestnut, I designed a girls’ orange and purple room which is perfect for teens or tweens. There is a niche beside the closet that can be used for homework or putting on makeup. I really like that feature, and how customizable it is for many different purposes. 


The Chestnut model showcases a room perfect for your sophisticated young lady that utilizes the architectural juts to display a collection of purses and inset for a computer desk; but more likely for makeup rather than homework.

Also, the two-storey foyer is perfect for using pendant lighting. The space is very striking and with this type of lighting installed it casts shadows onto the wall creating a beautiful backdrop to the entrance of your home. It’s a great look and that’s one of the ways in which I used an architectural feature or detail in my décor. 

G: In The River Maple, I wanted to design usable, livable space out of the unique architectural details – such as the huge upstairs hallway. It offered such a great area for a built in desk where kids can do homework and their parents can supervise and help.

In The Spring Birch, I wanted to complement the soaring 13’ ceilings to ensure the living room was comfortable, and scaled to a conversation area. A nine-picture art wall and the humongous piece of art on the other wall proportioned the space so that it still felt cozy. I definitely didn't want to ignore the top half of the room, so instead I made it the focal point with art. Cafe-au-lait colours and tomato red are just wonderful city-in-the-country colours, welcoming kids, dogs and friends. 


The family room of the Spring Birch features an impressive two-storey span, perfect for
showcasing the elegance of a chandelier or a stunning piece of art.

I purposely stepped up the design so that the high level of quality of architecture, finishes, furniture, and the allure of nature and wide open spaces, would be highlighted to everyone who visits the homes. Anyone that purchases in this area has made a brilliant decision. It’s city living in the country at its best!

What are some of the hot trends / colours in home design right now and how did you incorporate them into the models?

E: One of the trends right now is the colour teal, which I’ve used in the Chestnut master bedroom. All of the furniture is either silver or white, which offers a nice contrast to the blue walls and is very modern. Also around the fireplace in the great room, I installed wood paneling to give the room extra warmth and added built in storage. In the kitchen of the Maple, I installed cabinets in a grey, neutral colour called “Storm” which is a great colour option for matching hardwood and furniture. It’s not your typical white, cream or dark espresso but it’s still trendy and elegant, and it works very well in this kitchen.  


The rich wood tones of the paneling in the great room of the Chestnut blends
perfectly with the neutral colour palette creating a space that’s both modern and stylish.

G: Grey is hot as a neutral colour right now. Metallic touches are hot AND classic. And Citrine is just a fabulous hit of surprising colour! Reclaimed wood is coming on strong in the spring market as well.

What is your favourite room in the models and why?  

E: My favourite room in the Maple is bedroom #4, which has a bright pink wall with a day bed. I love that it’s so colourful and fun! Also in the Maple, I like the living/dining room layout, and flow. The library in the Maple is another favourite — it’s cozy and a bit of a man cave, offering a perfect place for reading a magazine or a book. Lastly, in the Maple, I like the basement, as it has a games area/office, and a wall mounted fireplace. Even though we only used half of the space, it’s still very large with plenty of room for the entire family. I also love the nursery in The Chestnut model, it’s very neutral with a green wall and yellow trim, perfect for a boy or girl.  

G: I love the grey dining room in The River Maple, with the cog mirrors, the reclaimed wood sideboard and linear crystal chandelier. I feel that dining rooms should be a little bit private, a little bit intimate, and a little bit sexy to stimulate the palette. Bon Appetit, done! Another favourite is the en-suite bathroom with the free standing tub, it’s so zen. 


An eclectic mixture of textures and patterns highlight the dining room in The River Maple
creating a space that beckons you to sit and savour the space.  

Want to see more of our model homes? Take a look at our Facebook page to see the pictures from our model home opening on March 2 or visit us for a tour. Now we’d love to hear from you — which model homes do you like and why? Which of Gabrielle’s and Eve’s tips do you find inspiring?


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