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The kids are back to school and to help you get into the swing of things we’ve put together some of our favourite delicious and healthy recipes that are sure to have your kids looking forward to opening up their lunch bag all year long!


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Whole Grain Macaroni Salad

Pasta salad is an excellent choice to give your kids solid servings of whole grains, vegetables and dairy on their lunch hour. Our favourite combines a half pound of cooked whole wheat macaroni and a . cup of steamed or boiled broccoli florets (to save time, add them to the boiling pasta water along with the cooking pasta for the last minute of cooking) that have been tossed together with raw carrots, peppers and goat cheese (or your family’s favourite variety). Finally dress with a simple oil and vinegar dressing to taste.

Click below for more great kid friendly pasta recipes.



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Roasted Turkey and Cheese Whole Grain Wrap

Some of the best healthy lunch recipes are simple too! For this quick and delicious lunch simply place the roasted turkey and your child’s favourite mayo or cream cheese into a wrap. Then add lettuce and additional vegetable toppings and condiments to create a tasty and satisfying lunch that any kid will love. Serve with a side of broccoli and baby carrots to create a healthy, balanced school lunch. Thinking that a wrap will work great for your child?

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Veggies, Pita and Hummus

Sometimes the best healthy lunches for kids look like snack time. For this quick and nutritious lunch take your child’s favourite flavour of hummus and pack along side delicious whole grain pita slices and wholesome vegetables. Cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots and broccoli are some great choices to help provide a balanced nutritional profile for your kid’s lunch.

You can even add in some fruit for desert. Yum! You can even mix up the flavours that



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Peanut Butter Alternatives

Since virtually all schools are now peanut free zones, you might want to take a look at some of the wonderful nut free alternatives for a healthy and easy alternative lunch. Sunflower seed butter is probably the closest in taste and texture to peanut butter, so your kids might not even notice the difference. Tahini is a sesame seed based spread from the Middle East that usually comes unsweetened so it is best to serve with jam or honey. Soynut butter is packed with protein and is an excellent choice for allergy-conscious families. Any of these spreads can be served with whole wheat bread and no-sugar added jam, or sliced banana, for a tasty lunch.

To learn more about peanut butter alternatives click the link below.



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Whole Grain Pita Pizza

Sure to be a crowd pleaser, you can make a fast and healthy pizza lunch with some whole grain pitas and a little creativity. Simply brush the pita bread with a little olive oil and top with tomato sauce, your children’s favourite veggies and cheese. Bake the pitas at 350 degrees F for about 15-20 minutes or until the cheese is melted. 

Click below for more kid friendly topping ideas.


What are some of your family’s favourite school lunch recipes? We’d love for you to share them on our Facebook page!

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