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Travel Back in Time with Ontario’s Steam Train

Posted by Treetops on Friday, 13 July 2012 in Local Amenities

Steam Locomotive, St Jacobs, Ontario

Few things excite a child’s imagination more than an old steam train. The whistle piercing through the air, the steam hissing out of the chimney, the wheels clacking on the rails — there was a time when these sights and sounds transported you to a magical place full of adventure and excitement.

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The Best Local Canada Day Events

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 28 June 2012 in Local Amenities

The long weekend is almost here — three full days to spend time together with your loved ones and recharge your batteries, as well as celebrating Canada’s 145th birthday.

So how will you celebrate? How will you make the most of this welcome break?

Besides the near-obligatory BBQ, a great way to celebrate is to attend one of the local events. Within the New Tecumseth area there is a wealth of activities taking place to celebrate Canada Day:

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Local Summer Activities For Your Children

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 31 May 2012 in Local Amenities

The arrival of summer signals more than high temperatures and blue skies. For those of you who have school-age children, it also marks the beginning of their summer vacation.

To make the most of summertime, many parents take their children to summer camps, frequent local pools or enroll the kids in town-organized summer activities.

Read on for a taste of summer activities and places in the area around Treetops that your children are sure to enjoy. 

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World-Class Amenities Just Next Door to Treetops

Posted by Treetops on Friday, 30 March 2012 in Local Amenities

Of the many things that make Treetops unique, chief among them is our location just next door to the Nottawasaga Resort.

Featuring a wealth of vacation-style amenities, the Resort has long offered families and travellers an ideal spot to unwind, take in the surrounding natural beauty, relax with an array of spa services, and engage in as many outdoor activities as they like. 

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