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An Incredible Life Change

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 31 July 2014 in Community Features


This week, we interviewed new Treetops homeowners Frank and Marian Forestieri to hear about their experience moving into and living in the community.  Here’s what they had to say!

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Making the Move to Treetops

Posted by Treetops on Friday, 04 July 2014 in Community Features


This week, we interviewed new Treetops homeowner Kara Riley to get a sense of her experience both moving into and living within the community.  Here’s what Kara had to say!

1.What drew you to Treetops initially?

My brother and his wife should be given full credit for finding Treetops! 

We realized during many conversations that as a family (my parents, my husband and I, our kids and my brother), we all wanted to move away from the hustle and bustle to somewhere different, but the question was:  where to?  One weekend, my brother and his family spent time in Alliston and called us right away to tell us how amazing it was!  So we came up the following weekend to specifically visit Treetops – the kids were blown away by the park and we were blown away by how charming the community plan was and how nice people in the community were.   We realized right away that it felt like home and after spending time in Alliston, I think our 12 year old summed it up nicely when he asked, “why is everyone so nice up here?”

2.How did you find your home buying experience?

My family’s situation is unique – not only did my parents graciously agree to move in with us a few years ago to help with the kids, but my brother who previously lived about five minutes away would also be part of the equation.  Seeing as my brother and I had different housing requirements that needed to be met, we knew that moving within a close distance from each other could prove to be difficult.  Thankfully meeting all of our needs was easier than we ever could have imagined at Treetops!

Our previous new home was a disaster from start to finish.  So much so, I told my husband that I would never buy a new home again – ever.  However, the plan to never buy another new home went straight out the window when we visited the Treetops site – Nancy was truly amazing at listening to both my brother’s and our needs, recommending floorplans that could potentially work and putting our fears to rest about buying new again.  No pressure, no sales tactics; just an honest discussion about what we needed as a family. 

3.When did you move into your Treetops home?

We purchased our Elm in June 2013 and moved in at the end of April 2014 let me tell you, it was the longest 10 months ever!  We used to make the drive up every other weekend, just to see how the community was taking shape.  My brother and his wife moved in to their fabulous new house at the beginning of May 2014 on the street directly behind ours – we can see their house from our kitchen window!

4.What’s your favourite part about your home?

Our home has a wide-open floorplan that has already enjoyed some crazy family get-togethers!  Not a night has gone by without someone sitting on the front porch, enjoying the sense of community.  There are so many great things about our Elm…how can we list them all?!?!

5.What are you most looking forward to in the community?

The kids are definitely most excited about the park.  We are most excited about meeting more neighbours as the community continues to grow.  And we can’t forget about the dogs – they really look forward to their own space, too!

6.What’s your most cherished memory living at Treetops so far?

The sense of community is truly exceptional – neighbours say hi to one another, and all the kids play so well together.  Of course, my cherished memory is a bit selfish as I just love watching my nephew learn how to ride his bike past my house, or listening to all the neighbourhood kids laughing as they run/ride like crazy through the streets.

7.What would you say to a friend or family member thinking about moving to Treetops?

To not be afraid of taking a chance on Treetops – it was so easy to be impressed by the beautiful model homes or amazing staff in the sales office (we had the pleasure of dealing with Nancy, Heidi and Natalya).  But we have been so amazed by the quality of construction that Site Superintendent Mike and his team have provided, and the level of attention from after sales service (Lori and Phil) has truly been exceptional.  We are so thankful to my brother and his wife for finding the community; it really has been a glorious few months living in Treetops.

A big thanks to Kara for sharing her wonderful experience with us! For anyone looking to start their journey at Treetops, feel free to contact us!

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Make the Most of Treetops' Green Features and Save Money

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 17 January 2013 in Community Features


We take pride in being a community where you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of nature and a wealth of outdoor leisure options. Since preserving nature is integral to our vision, our team is dedicated to protecting the forest, trails, parks and landscaped yards all while preserving the environmental integrity of the Treetops community.

Furthermore, our environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes feature an extensive list of green features that will not only help you to reduce your carbon footprint but also save your family money on energy bills.

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The Latest Sneak Peek of Treetops Homes and Streetscapes

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 03 May 2012 in Community Features

Treetops will be a fantastic new community located amid 45 acres of trails and forest, in addition to the 7-acre Treetops Community Park and 9-acre Community Sports Complex. Perfect for those who enjoy hiking, jogging, walking or exploring the great outdoors, you will find a wealth of recreational opportunities just beyond your backyard.

Of course, we will also ensure you get a beautiful home offering value and excellent quality — one that blends with the nature around it. 

Indeed, Treetops homes are inspired by nature and will appear almost as though they have sprung from the ground upon which they stand. 

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Introducing the Treetops Community Park

Posted by Treetops on Thursday, 19 April 2012 in Community Features

Many homeowners would love to live within a community that has a 45-acre natural preservation area. A rare find in today’s new home neighbourhoods.

We don’t blame them. After all, life just becomes much more enjoyable when you have all that green space at your doorstep.

Feel like jogging with your better half before you head out for work? Going for a hike with your kids on Saturday morning, or maybe teaching them how to ride a bike? How about taking a leisurely stroll in the evening with the dog?

The options are endless — you could even play a bit of geocaching.

Add a sprawling 7-acre community park, and living beyond your backyard becomes something you can look forward to every single day.

The Treetops Community Park

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