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Creative Holiday Crafts for Kids

Posted by Treetops on Friday, 17 November 2017 in News

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One of the best parts about the holiday season is making memories as a family. A great way to spend some quality time with your kids is by making fun festive crafts together. Here are a few of our favourite Christmas craft ideas.

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This classic craft takes just 20 minutes to create, but the memories can last a lifetime. Mix 4 cups of flour and 1 cup of salt in a bowl. Then add water gradually and keep mixing until you have a nice, thick but pliable consistency. Lightly grease a cookie sheet with oil and then roll out individual circular ornaments. Now have your kids press their hands firmly into the dough, write their initials using their finger or any other craft design they can think of. Once they’re content with their work use a drinking straw to make a hole at the top of the dough that you can run a ribbon through later. Then either bake in the oven for 1 hour at 150 degrees Celsius or let them air dry for 24 hours. For an extra special touch have your children paint the hardened ornaments and then run a piece of ribbon through the hole. Hang them up on your tree or pick some out as a family to give as special gifts.


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Your kids can really let their creativity shine with this holiday craft. All you need to get started is a mason jar and lid; but old spaghetti sauce jars or pickle jars work too! Next have your children start collecting the materials for their preferred winter scene. You can use evergreen cuttings from trees in the yard, small toys, family photos, or anything else you can think of. Once they have their items selected, use a hot glue gun (little ones will need help with this step) to fasten them to the inside of the jar lid. For an extra special touch consider purchasing some artificial snow or translucent glitter and place it inside the jar before sealing. If you’d like to add water, you can do so, but we suggest adding a small amount of glycerine, baby oil or light corn syrup to the water as it will make the “snow” fall a little more slowly.


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A card garland is a beautiful and simple way to show off all your holiday cards and get your children in on the experience! All you need is a length of string, ribbon or garland, markers, paint or construction paper, and some clothespins to get started. Have your kids decorate the clothes pins in a festive motif with markers, glitter, etc. and fasten the clothespins along the string. Now, hang your garland on your banister or mantel and your kids can enjoy pinning up each new holiday card as it arrives.

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Create charming personalized wrapping paper with a little festive coloured acrylic paint and a few potatoes. First, cut your potatoes in half. Then, have your kids pick out some holiday shapes that they love and draw them on the face of your potato. Now use an X-acto knife to cut around the design approximately 1/4 inche deep. Once you’ve cut out the shape, use a chef’s knife to cut the excess potato around the edges, making sure not to cut through the shape itself. Now your kids can dip their holiday stamps into paint and press them into craft paper to make beautiful, homemade wrapping paper!


Do you have any favourite holiday crafts? Share them with us on our Facebook page.


From all of us here at Treetops we wish you the best this holiday season and a Happy New Year!

Please note that the Treetops Presentation Centre will be closed from Monday December 4 through the holidays and will reopen on Saturday January 13. We look forward to seeing you in 2018!


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Best Apps For Parents

Posted by Treetops on Friday, 17 November 2017 in News

best 01

One of the great benefits of this modern age is all the innovative smart phone apps available to help parents in their daily lives. There are apps to help organize chores, plan dinners, and even help the kids with homework. Check out some of our favourites below.

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If you have a newborn, or a little one on the way, you are definitely going to want to check out this app! There are monitoring tools that help you track your baby’s daily activities (including sleeping, feeding, diaper changes and more), a health reference guide that enables you to look up common ailments, a growth tracker where you can easily record your baby’s weight, length and head circumference, daily tips and more! It’s a convenient all in one app that helpfully works out a summary of each day, week and month so that you can see how your child is changing.


best 03


Chore Monster is an innovative app designed to make chores fun for kids.Available on your smart phone and on the web, Chore Monster allows you to assign specific tasks and due dates for each of them. As your children complete chores, they earn points, which can be turned in for real life and/or digital rewards of your choosing. It is a great incentive to get your kids motivated to start doing a little more around the house.


best 04


DuoLingo is the perfect tutor to help your kids with their French or Spanish homework! This app has actually been designed to help you or your kids learn over 23 different languages by using a fun platform that lets them earn points and gain virtual rewards for all of their hard work. Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation and multiple choice challenges that have been proven to get real results. Try it today!


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This time saving app lets you find delicious dinners in several different ways. Plug in existing ingredients (eg. chicken, beef) that you have around the house to get recipe suggestions. You can also search by keyword, ingredients that you wish to exclude, by dietary need, as well as length of preparation and cooking time. Or browse over 50 thousand recipes from There are even helpful comments and modifications from users to let you explore endless recipe variations.


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Grocery IQ makes it easy to manage and update your grocery lists in real time.You and your partner can both contribute to one central list, then tick off list items as you make purchases. This makes it easier to divide and conquer at the supermarket or even for holiday shopping at the mall. You can also maintain a grocery favourites list and product details, scan barcodes and more.


What are some of your favourite apps to help you manage your family and household? We’d love to hear about them on our Facebook page.

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Family Friendly Activities At Nottawasaga Resort

Posted by Treetops on Monday, 02 October 2017 in Activities


One of the best parts about living at Treetops is the amazing access you have to the world class amenities at the Nottawasaga Resort. Located next door to the Treetops community, this dynamic destination hosts a wide range of family-friendly activities that kids and adults alike will love. 



Golf is a great way to spend the day outside as a family. It’s challenging, teaches excellent focus and coordination as well as gives your kids an appreciation for the great outdoors.  Throughout the fall the resort offers 27-holes of golf on the Nottawasaga Course so your family can enjoy plenty of variety as you teach your kids the game. Golf is usually better suited to kids who are a little older (recommended ages 8 and up) but there is also a putting green as well as a driving range, that is perfect for younger golfers.



Jungle Quest Mini-Golf

If you’re looking for a more casual round of golf the resort also offers a challenging 18-hole, par 36 mini-putt adventure. The indoor course will have you navigating along a winding fun-filled jungle expedition where you will encounter treacherous terrain as well as native wildlife hiding around every corner. It promises to be fun for the entire family!



Arcade & Games Room

If competitive family fun is more your style you’ll love the Arcade & Games Room at the Nottawasaga Resort. Appropriate for all age groups and skill levels, the area offers a large selection of retro arcade games as well as ping-pong and billiards tables.



Nature Trails

The Nottawasaga Resort offers two beautiful nature trails lining both sides of the Nottawasaga River for the enjoyment of walkers, joggers, bird-watchers and snowshoers. The Valley Trail is an easy 2.8 kilometre limestone trail that is best suited for a quick recreation hike or a leisurely stroll with younger children. The Briar Hill Trail is a moderate 3.5 kilometres roundtrip trail with a more challenging terrain that travels along several elevation changes, making it an excellent choice for a family hike.



A Day at the Pool

While the pool is not open daily to the public the Nottawasaga Resort offers a Family Fun Pass every long weekend that includes swimming and access to the 3-storey, 100ft waterslide (as well as includes four mini-golf passes). Available this Thanksgiving long weekend you can lounge and relax, while your kids ride the slide and splash the day away! The Aquatic Centre also features a fun water umbrella for the little ones, a whirlpool and dry sauna as well as change facilities, including a family change room.


New Release of Homesites Has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that a new selection of 32’, 36', 40' and 45’ homesites have arrived at Treetops! Visit the Presentation Centre to learn more about this new limited release and while you’re there be sure to tour our four designer decorated model homes.

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